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Los Angeles:

A leading tech hub that’s losing tech talent

LA’s tech scene has a lot going for it—beautiful sunshine, booming amounts of venture capital, a lower cost of living than its Silicon Valley counterpart. But as it catches up with New York and the Bay Area to become one of the most sought-after destinations for engineers and technical talent, it’s also losing its most valuable asset—new grads.

The Data Exchange

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Junior technical talent is leaving the area in droves, and while some find their way back after building experience elsewhere, many never do. In this report, we use AngelList data and insights from LA tech leaders to understand what's going. What are LA's engineers looking for? How does it compare to other leading tech hubs? And what team-building approaches can area companies use to start to slow the talent leak?

Key findings:

  • 72% of LA’s engineering grads leave LA for their first job 
  • Only 34% of SF’s engineering grads leave SF for their first job
  • LA’s job-seekers are looking for roles to develop their skills
  • 49% of LA startups say they offer no training to their tech teams
  • Much more 

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For queries around our stories and data, you can always reach us at press@angel.co

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