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A-List Terms of Service

Here’s a summary of some of the key points of our Terms of Service. Please review the full Terms of Service below before using A-List.

  • You agree to pay a Success Fee (as defined below) if you hire a Candidate (as defined below) after seeing them on A-List. This includes Candidates you see but do not message, and includes contractors as well as full-time employees.
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  • This success fee will be waived if you send us evidence of two-way communication with the candidate within the last 12 months.
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  • This success fee will be refunded to you if the hire is terminated within three (3) months and you paid the Success Fee on time.
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  • This does not affect candidates you contact on AngelList. Contacting candidates on AngelList remains free. Use of AngelList is subject to its Terms of Service, which are separate from these terms.

  • The A-List candidate referral program is subject to separate terms.
  • You agree to keep all communications and information confidential.

Here’s the full text of our Terms of Service.


The following A-List Terms (these “A-List Terms”) modify and supplement our General Terms, the terms and conditions of which are hereby expressly incorporated by reference, and together with the General Terms, collectively governs your access and use of our premier candidate curation platform and services (the “A-List Service”). Capitalized terms used in these A-List Terms, but not defined herein have the meanings given to such terms in the General Terms. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these A-List Terms and the General Terms, the applicable terms of these A-List Terms will control with respect to your use of the A-List Service.

If you are a Candidate, you may access, use and participate in the A-List Service only if you have been selected and notified by us (as determined in our sole discretion), have signed up for an Account, and affirmatively opted-in and consented to our use of your profile in connection with the A-List Service.

If you are an Employer, you may access and use the A-List Service only if you have signed up for an Account, affirmatively opted into the A-List Service and we have approved your Account to view Candidates on the A-List Service (as determined in our sole discretion).


The A-List Service consists of our selection and curation of a list of Candidates (the “A-List”) that we believe are highly qualified and/or desirable for the variety of job postings on our Site (such Candidates, “A-List Candidates”). If you are an Employer that has signed up and been approved by us to use the A-List Service, then subject to your compliance with these A-List Terms and the General Terms, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to make available to you a new or updated A-List on a weekly basis (or such other frequency as we may determine in our discretion from time-to-time).


By using the A-List Service, Employers agree to pay AngelList a Success Fee for each Successful Hire of an A-List Candidate whose Information the Employer obtained through the A-List Service at any time in the year prior to extending the A-List Candidate an Offer, unless you have executed a separate service supplement with us that provides for alternate pricing.

  • “Success Fee” means our then-current price per Successful Hire as notified to you at the time that you opt-in to A-List Service and as may be updated by us from time-to-time upon notice to you.
  • “Successful Hire”means a verbal or written acceptance by an A-List Candidate of an Offer by an Employer, or the commencement of paid employment or engagement by an A-List Candidate with an applicable Employer, whichever is earlier.
  • “Offer”means an offer for paid employment or engagement as a paid consultant (for any length of services). AngelList does not distinguish between offers for employment or engagement as a paid consultant, contractor, or unpaid consultant or advisor.
  • “Information”means information about an A-List Candidate, including identity, education, employment background, profile information or the fact that the Candidate is exploring new employment opportunities.

We reserve the right at any time to change our fees (including to begin charging for services that we are currently providing free of charge) and billing methods, either immediately upon posting on the Site, notifying you through the A-List Service or by email delivery to you. No such changes shall apply with respect to Successful Hires where the initial communication between you and an applicable A-List Candidate was made prior to the date of such change. AN EMPLOYER'S OBLIGATION TO PAY ANY SUCCESS FEES SHALL SURVIVE ANY TERMINATION OF THESE A-LIST TERMS.

Payment Terms

Employers shall, within seven (7) days after each Successful Hire: (a) notify AngelList of such Successful Hire in writing and (b) provide AngelList with documentation confirming the applicable A-List Candidate's compensation; provided Employers may redact any sensitive information regarding the A-List Candidate from such documentation. If any Employer fails to either notify us in writing or provide such documentation within seven (7) days after each Successful Hire, the Employer agrees that an additional fee equal to five percent (5%) of the applicable Success Fee shall be added to the invoice for such Successful Hire (the “Late Fee”). Employers shall pay the full Success Fee and any applicable Late Fee to AngelList no later than thirty (30) days after the start date in the Offer (the “Payment Term”). Any portion of the Success Fee or Late Fee that remains unpaid after the Payment Term shall accrue interest at a rate of 1.5% of the amount owed and interest thereon, or such lesser amount as may be the maximum amount permitted by law, compounded monthly. In addition, Employers agree that if the Success Fee and Late Fee are not paid in full during the Payment Term, that will invalidate any opportunity for a Success Fee refund, as discussed below.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, in the event that Employer retains the services of any A-List Candidate capacity in an unpaid position, or in a position in which the A-List Candidate is paid solely through equity or phantom equity compensation, then the Employer will pay a fee of $5,000 for retaining such A-List Candidate. The preceding sentence will not alter the requirements of paying any Success Fee.

Success Fee Refund

AngelList shall refund an Employer's most recent Success Fee (excluding, for clarity, any Late Fee) in full if the Employer notifies AngelList and the following conditions are met:

  • A-List Candidate's employment or consultancy terminated (by Employer or Candidate) within three (3) months after the start date in the Offer;
  • Employer paid the full Success Fee and any applicable Late Fee in full within the Payment Term; and
  • A-List Candidate and Employer do not intend to resume (and actually do not resume) the employment or consultancy for at least nine (9) months after the termination date of the employment or consultancy. In the event that the A-List Candidate and Employer do resume the employment or consultancy within such nine (9) month period, any Success Fee previously refunded with respect to such A-List Candidate shall become due and payable to AngelList immediately.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by AngelList, all refunds will be issued in the form of a credit against future Success Fees to be paid by the Employer; provided that if you have executed a separate written service supplement with us that provides for (i) your pre-paid purchase of multiple Successful Hires in lieu of the Success Fees, then your refund will be issued in the form of an additional Successful Hire credited to your Account; or (ii) a subscription that allows you to make unlimited Successful Hires for a fixed recurring fee in lieu of the Success Fees, then you will not be entitled to any refund under any circumstances. Refunds shall not be payable for A-List Candidates engaged by an Employer with an intended term of less than three (3) months or in the event we determine, in our sole discretion, that the Employer has violated these A-List Terms. In addition, AngelList retains full discretion in determining whether the conditions for any Success Fee refund have been met.

Fee Exemption

No Success Fee will be charged for a Successful Hire if the Employer can establish with sufficient supporting records and documentation that it had a pre-existing evaluation (“Pre-Existing Evaluation”) of the relevant A-List Candidate in the twelve (12) months prior to receiving the A-List Candidate's Information through the A-List Service. Examples of Pre-Existing Evaluation include any two-way written communication with the A-List Candidate regarding their candidacy or a documented formal interview with the A-List Candidate about a job opportunity. AngelList retains full discretion in determining whether information provided qualifies for a fee exemption per the criteria above.


The A-List Service is free of charge to A-List Candidates. A-List Candidates agree to immediately notify and provide AngelList with a copy of each Offer they receive.

Each A-List Candidate that accepts an Offer from an Employer for full time employment or engagement as a consultant with an indefinite term or fixed term of at least twelve (12) months shall, subject to these A-List Terms, be entitled to a reward payment in the form of a gift card (the “Candidate Reward”) in an amount based on our then-current Candidate Reward rates. In order to be eligible to receive a Candidate Reward, an A-List Candidate must provide us with (i) a copy of the Offer or other documentation of the A-List Candidate's compensation (provided that the A-List Candidate may redact any sensitive information from such documentation); (ii) a completed Form W-9, Form W-8 or similar form (each, a “Form”); and (iii) evidence that the A-List Candidate has remained employed or engaged as a consultant for at least three (3) months after commencement the employment or consultancy pursuant to the Offer.

The Candidate Reward will be sent to the address provided in the Form within sixty (60) days after the A-List Candidate has provided us with the above-referenced information required to establish eligibility. An A-List Candidate is only eligible to receive one Candidate Reward per Employer. The A-List Candidate acknowledges and agrees that the Candidate Reward, amount thereof and eligibility thereto will be determined by AngelList, in its sole discretion, and subject to change anytime.


Unless terminated by AngelList, these A-List Terms will remain in full force and effect while you use the A-List Service. We may terminate these A-List Terms at any time, including if you are suspected of violating any provision of these A-List Terms or the General Terms. All provisions of Article III (Success Fee) and this Article V (Term and Termination) and any other provision of these A-List Terms which by their nature are designed to survive termination shall survive any termination or expiration of these A-List Terms.


These A-List Terms were last updated on July 15, 2019.


If you have any questions about these A-List Terms, please contact us at talent@angel.co.


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